My Girlfriend is the President


Yukino Ohama - President of Nippon

height: 157cm | birthday: Feb 17 | blood Type: O

The protagonist's childhood friend, who was made into the President of the "United States of Nippon" by aliens. She has a brainwashing device embedded in her body, turning the world into one where the left becomes right if she says it is. Her approval ratings climb rapidly due to her looks and personality (and brainwashing effects). She even has a fan club among the government officials. She is a daughter of doctors, good at sports, and has excellent grades. She isn't boastful about it, and has a modest and gentle personality. She is also an extremely shy person, fretting over messing up her lines and blushing during speeches. Since she set forth the "Jun-kun Supremacy Doctrine" and has a troublesome side of passing crazy laws for the sake of love, disputes between Junichiro and the bureaucrats never die out.
"Don't worry. We can do it."

Irina Vladimirovna Putina - President of Rusia

height: 160cm | birthday: Oct 7 | blood Type: O

An active duty president who reigns over Rusia with super charisma. On the day of her visit to Nippon, she is saved by the protagonist and falls in love at first sight. She becomes interested in him ever since, making an appearance at his school as a transfer student while handling government affairs. However, she becomes disillusioned by the protagonist, the great king of sexual harassment, and disciplines him with her slapping fan to make him into a gentleman. As a disciplinarian in school, correcting the behavior of the students is her daily routine. She fosters a rivalry against the childhood friend president who's also the head of the student council, and seems to have plans to discipline the entire school. Yukino and her friends nicknamed her Puchin, but she gets mad when they call her that.
"It's best if you don't anger me too much..."

Starship Ezekiel (Ell)

height: 145cm | birthday: Mar 9 | blood Type: ?

A state-of-the-art UFO that crashed into Nippon and becomes humanoid by using a transforming ability. Her identity is made top secret, and she protects the president and her cabinet as an SP agent in government. Although she is a UFO, she appears to have a fear of heights. Quiet and shy of strangers. A girl that leaves a fleeting impression in some respects. She has an earnest and obedient personality, and can be a natural airhead that takes jokes seriously and does hysterical things. She chooses to get close to Junichiro and take care of him in order to understand the love that's awakening inside of her. Due to having limited knowledge pertaining to sex, she obediently receives Junichiro's sexual harassment.
"Please teach me how to love."

Chief of Staff, Ran Miyoshi

height: 165cm | birthday: May 17 | blood Type: AB

A childhood friend of the protagonist who lives near his house, and is one year older. Whenever she has time off, she often comes over to look after the protagonist or Yukino, whose parents are seldom at home. A mysterious woman with an obscure private life, she also works part time at a Chinese restaurant while serving as Yukino's Chief of Staff. She is the former student council president, currently undertaking the role of student council advisor. Provides various intelligence by making use of her wide connections. Noted as the person that recommended Yukino to become president (student council president in the real world). She mostly takes care of domestic affairs, and the president and internal staff depend on her. She gives instructions to the staff while serving them her delicious Chinese cuisine.
"Onee-san doesn't remember raising you to be that way!"

Junichiro Hondo

height: ??? | birthday: ?? | blood Type: ?

The protagonist of the story. To support his childhood friend who became the president, he becomes the vice president. For some reason, he remembers the original world before his childhood friend became president. He has a memory that exceeds an ordinary person's, and an excessively tough body. His personality is that of a sociable, bright, and unabashed pervert with an honest heart. He likes girls and often gets beat up for his sexual harassment. Contrary to his usual playful attitude, he has a strong sense of justice and responsibility, acting with the belief of
"I can do it!" "This happens all the time in Hollywood."